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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

2 陆" bulk material transfer hose

Method and apparatus for transporting bulk materials

introducing a bulk material into the transporting 2. The method according to claim 1, further comprisingand the seal 24 of the hose 25 is retained


hose) and high recovery temperatures result in Fi- nite element heat transfer calculations in thermal degradation of bulk material properties

Load-transfer mechanism

transfer blocks, wherein the blocks are of material to be rolled between said side housings,hose means 63 connecting body passages 64-65 of

Underfloor heating system

it has been found that a heat transfer by thebulk material or bodies that the underfloor in the form of plastic hoses. [0011] To

Adaptable laser apparatus

for the dustless loading of bulk material and transparent plastic hose theredifferent reflecting power, disposed on either side of said active medium 2

Bulk material cover compositions and methods for applying

A cover composition that can be applied to a bulk material pile, such as landfill refuse, to protect the pile from wind, precipitation, and access by

Swing check valve

2010120-The present invention relates to a light weight check valve for use in bulk material transfers that incorporates a smooth, generally spheric

Patient transfer mattresses

2. The patient transfer mattress of claim 1, wherehose of an air pump for inflating the mattress.The bulk of the air entering the pod is from

Venturi injector with self-adjusting port

5899641 Bulk material conveying system and ejector after which mass transfer of the additive becomesshape to facilitate connection to flexible hoses

transfer and slurrying or dissolving hydratable dry bulk

An apparatus for the transfer of a dry chemicala flexible hose, formed from a material compatibleCalcium Chloride Handling Rate 2 kg/s (270 lbs

Controlled injection of dry material into a liquid system

2. The device of claim 1, wherein the rotor bulk material transfer gate 56, such as the Such inductors may be attached to garden hoses

System for loading bulk containers with fluent material from

20041119-A process, apparatus, and associated controls are provided in a system for loading bulk material into a flexible, collapsed container from a

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Method of loading moist, sticky bulk material into a fluid

2001313-sticky or statically charged bulk material into atransfer and materials conversion is the At the end of the hose or pipe there is, in


2. A bulk material storage facility as recited and means coupled with the transfer pipe for selectivelyhose at high velocity which results in dense

Portable bulk transfer pump with variable speed transmission

A portable bulk transfer pump assembly (10) constructed in accordance with the principles of a preferred embodiment of the present invention is

“Operations” 2 - Barrick Sudamérica |

- Water Cleaning Blasting Hose ( Golden Blast ) (1) - Industrial Rubber Hose (59) - Aviation Hose (1) - Bulk Material Hose (2) - Custom

Wear indicator for material transfer systems

An early warning system for a material transfer system having an elongated area to be monitored for internal wear caused by erosive flow action of a

Bulk material silo discharge - has unions for

Bulk material silo discharge - has unions for porous hoses on compressed air buspipe at cone bottomThe silo discharge is for handling material in bulk,


A nozzle for providing particulate materials to a suction intake hose connected to a bulk transfer apparatus is provided. A body structure of the nozzle

flexible hose that transports product from bulk transport

A self-supporting, flexible support for a flexible hose that is used for loading and unloading flowable bulk product from the bottom of a container

Displacement shift valve and pumping apparatus and methods

5330327 Transfer tube material flow management 1994Apparatus for pumping concrete and other bulk materials49 may be formed from conventional hoses, tubi

Device for discharge of bulk material from a pressure vessel

A device for the discharge of bulk material (96) from a pressure vessel (2) is proposed, which comprises at least one sluice bin (24, 26) with a

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