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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

dn6 wp225 bar rotary drilling hose

APEX965002 Honeywell HONLEwifiHonsbergG-H-I-J-K-L_ Z1S6P2-30/DN6TEMPCO AS101WPLE 5:1schmalz FSG-12 M5-AGBALLUFF BES516-AKENNEDY KENNEDY1/2six cornersleeverotary head


AUFTR-NR.187224 Pnr.1000343421 Nr 505.2029 WPAKL9006 Rotary cup;Belongs device SAACKE Burner (A05(DKO-L) 710011 DN6-M14X1,52SCS(2C7116)

Drill collar incorporating device for jetting drilling fluid

A self-stabilizing drill collar structure for incorporation into a drill string for deep well rotary drilling includes an elongated cylindrical collar member


An auxiliary attachment is provided for rotary floor treatment machines of the type having a rotary driving element extending downwardly from a generally


ROTARY MACHINE WITH TWO NON-PARALLEL AXES IN RESPECT OF ONE ANOTHEREin sowohl als Pumpe, Verdichter oder Arbeitsmaschine mit sich veränderndem Arbeits


1.6BAR MODEL:A96621063P20747)339878-84WP09A1B-hydraulic rotary table FIBRO 1031242 onlyPKDN6/2SNA-200020211-14-04/DN6/2SNA-150020211-14

OPC4-1 A0325_/____

A600000ECONOSTOSUPPORTER|1356EEPOSROTARY CAM SWITCH SWV 100-04 MNS G1 400: 1 MODEL/ TYPE : SWV100EGE5050532 Gehaeusedichtung fuer WP150/250 (

Over shaft rotary actuator with internal clamp

An over shaft rotary actuator with an internal clamp arrangement is provided. The actuator includes an internal clamp arrangement carried within a housing

Sub-slab depressurization radon reduction method and apparatus

One way to drill the pit 30 is by means of a rotary hammer drill 31, a pressure gauge can be attached to the end of the optional hose 65

High temperature scintillator

hole 410 that is formed in the earth by, for example, rotary drilling. (e.g., U.S. Pat. No. 5,539,225). The components 440 cooperate to

KA-33 H-1644.06.1_/____

This invention relates to rotary engines, One of the objects of this invention is the provision of a rotary engine that is more efficient than heretofore

Status and Performance of DA-Procured STW Drilling Rigs

Status and Performance of DA-Procured STW Drilling Rigs drilling rigs distributed to different RFUs (were all direct-circulation hydraulic rotary type

KUEBLER 8.9080.4531.3001 -

6??/BW/LENS/16/A403WP316L+G510/TB5002-6COAXOTT-JAKOB Rotary, Union AOT- 95.101.726.2.2parker D1VW4CNJW+5001571+50015,DN6,D1VW004CN

Typ SG3.575A Nr 8080101 00919010__

2015112- CCM1110061 HOSE 11-6030-08 1/2 0.54mPmax=250bar , 850 470.01, 4608, Pump ( ROTARY SHAFT SEAL DIN3760 A - 260X300X20 #F

Study on high-pressure rotary blowout prevention/diversion

A rotary hydraulic machine (HILb10/b/HIL) for incorporation in a drill string (HILb92/b/HIL) of a well formation (HIL

Mahle PX37-13-2-SMX1 BlitzRotary A-B-C


Rotary blade cutterbar including plastic idler gear support

A rotary cutterbar includes a gear case containing a series-parallel set of gears including idler gears and pinion gears for driving the cutting discs of

Development of Model ZJ25/1580 modularized drilling rig

Crawford JD(1), Medendorp WP, Marotta JJ. Author information: the brain correctly incorporates the three-dimensional, rotary geometry of

【TRICONEX 3708E】__

2014725-Card AG9-0279 PCI for CSC-300 Rotary Spins..Swagelok PB-8 Push-On 1/2 Hose w/SS Fitt. Intel S

Defective 2D Barcode Image Mosaic Method for Rotary Scanning

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology III: Defective 2D Barcode Image Mosaic Method for Rotary Scanning Serial Image Lastly, complete the natural sp


201464-Plated Brass 3744mm IP68 10bar -4010 039275-50301 , Rotary Torque Angle Transducer, temp 500 106 021,DN6 aassf PW42AGS aassf P

Rotary fan

2009919-Rotary fan United States Patent 1775081 Inventors: , William P. Application Number: US29716928A Publication Date: 09/09/1930

Tubular cutting tool

a rotary cutting head mounted on the housing, drill pipes and underwater or buried pipes, hoses which can lead to additional deployment

Indexing rotary actuator with energy storage and linkage

Indexing rotary actuator with energy storage and linkage locking meansbar linkage to unlock the rotatable member and rotate the member to its

Performance comparison of four kinds of high-pressure rotary

Rotary actuatorsAn actuator has a rotor with permanently magnetized North and South poles. A housing supports three pole members having respective coils and

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