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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

nominal size 5 16 inch stainless steel braided air compressor hose

composite tubular element containing a sleeve of braided

A rigid plastic composite tube includes a first sleeve of helically braided metallic ribbons, a second sleeve engaged with the first sleeve either on the

Composite braided guidewire

stainless steel alloy, a distal section including the length of the tubular braid extending from five to seven kg/mm2 and an intermediate portion

Fiber-reinforced carbon and graphite articles and method for

length greater than about 0.5 inch into said nominal length of from about 1 to about 4 used for filament winding and in braided

The Cost of Recovering Uranium from Seawater by a Braided

Braided Polymer Adsorbent System Erich Schneider and5: Summary of annual utility requirements and .12 A nominal value of 4 percent is used here

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies - SAE 100 R1 AT Braided Hose

Manufacturer of Hydraulic Hose Assemblies - SAE 100 R1 AT Braided Hose, SAE 100 R16 Hydraulic Hose Assemblies, SAE 100 R3 Hydraulic Hose and SAE 100

Prostheses implantable in enteral vessels

each of the wall segments having a nominal stainless steels, cobalt-based alloys or titanium-5; [0059] FIG. 16 illustrates a braiding

Seal around braided cable

201412-braided cable (for example, in the deployment ofnominal speed of thirty-five hundred rpm at inches, one inch, or three-quarters of an

Composite liner for oilfield tubular goods

“CRA”), such as stainless steels or nickel-braid should result in a finished liner thicknessinches (63.5 mm), a nominal yield of about

Braided body balloon catheter

This is a balloon catheter having braided layer which extends generally from the proximal end of the catheter to a location distal of the balloon. In

Coaxial |

air content and a nominal Vp of 82% are length tolerance of ±1.5 inches, which is not a foil or braid inside the jacket or a


6. The medical prosthesis of Claim 5 and the inner shaft is formed of steel braided The nominal outer diameter is 0.093 inches (


braided cable (for example, in the deployment ofnominal speed of thirty-five hundred rpm at inches, one inch, or three-quarters of an inch

Soft-tip performance braided catheter

Relatively articulatable hose 1989-05-16 Silberdistal braid elements are stainless steel ribbons.inches and a thickness of 0.0015 and 0.004

Hybrid high pressure hose

the braided reinforcing material having voids withnominal diameter between about ¼″ and about 5. The high pressure hose of claim 1 in

Balloon expandable braided stent with restraint

A method of making a balloon expandable braided stent with a restraint to initially prevent self-expansion and the resulting product. Multiple strands of a

Hebei JIUXING Rubber and Plastic

braided rubber hoses, super high pressure steel 16 5/8 15.5 16.7 20.6 22.2 25.4 27


hose (10) has an inner diameter (Di) of 5/(Dr) with a predetermined nominal diameter (Dn)of the knitted, braided, woven or similar type

Deepwater Hydraulic Control System

16 inch and containing a hydraulic fluid at an the nominal “bias pressure” is set at 100 spirally over-wrapped and/or braided fiber

Method for manufacturing braided multifilament structures for

5. A method of manufacture according to claim braiding on the first mandrel, along a length the metal to memorize a predetermined nominal

Electrolytically deployable braided vaso-occlusion device

This is a braided tubular device used in the occlusion of various lumen or cavities in the body. In particular, it may be used to form an

china manufactures wholesale UL 3122 silicone rubber braided

We are professional china china manufactures wholesale UL 3122 silicone rubber braided appliance wire Manufacturer, china manufactures wholesale UL 3122 silic

Reinforced hose

hose (10) includes an intermediate layer (16) (14) including a steel wire reinforcement materialsecond reinforcing layers (14, 18) is braided

Analysis and application of transmission line conductors

(x; Cu) = 4 4 x2 5:1053 10 4 Hz 510:nominal upper peak current limit when he observesword Litzendraht is German for braided wire

Bioresorbable stent

5.5; d) braiding the monofilaments into a nominal diameter. The stents non-compressed, orbraid angle 12, 16 from about 100 to 150

Braided Clear PVC Hose

PVC Air Water Hose (6) Strainers (16) BRAID® K3150 RF PVC Food Beverage Hose • Nominal OD: 1.938” • Length: 100’

Perfusion device for maintaining blood flow in a vessel while

cylindrical braided material of selected nominal length, which an inside diameter from 0.5 to formed of, for example, a stainless steel

Low noise signal transmission cable

conductive shield layer 16 and/or the conductor ±5 ohms; capacitance of 29 pf/ft; nominal (1) SPC braid with 20 picks per inch and 3


35-745 | TECHFLEX BRAIDED SLEEVING - Split, Spring-Wrap | The longitudinally split construction of this semi-rigid braided sleeving permits the tube to

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